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    Now that I am here What Next ?


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    Now that I am here What Next ?

    Post  Admin on Sun Sep 06, 2009 12:10 am

    Here are a few Instructions that you must follow while using this forum :

    1)Register your account with the username in the following format "ZZZZXXYY"
    ZZZ is your name , XX your year of joining bits and YY ID No.
    Eg. Akshay07273 (*Please note that the username must strictly be in the mentioned format) Exclamation

    2)Any foul or unruly language will be dealt harshly with so please restrain from such activities and let the forum stay and remain clean & informative. Evil or Very Mad

    3)Please learn to search the old posts before posting a new similar topic, saves both your and our time.Exclamation

    4)Don't double post, learn to edit/delete posts.

    5)There are plenty of features embedded into this forum site , make yourselves at home and check out all the features here.Very Happy

    6)Based upon your online activity and indulgence you account can get upgraded to a moderator account.

    7)This site isn't only for Civilites but for everyone with similar interests , So spread the word. cheers

    8)Suggestions and queries are welcome, send me a private message for the same. Like a Star @ heaven

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