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    Post  Admin on Thu Oct 08, 2009 5:31 am

    As afore mentioned merging the idea of eco-friendliness with pre-fabrication technology gives us a headstart to a revolutionary change.Let us just have a look at the highlights of this project:
    1.)TermoDeck System:TermoDeck is an award winning heating, cooling and ventilating system that uses thermal mass within the building to provide low energy occupant comfort. This highly efficient system will help architects and consultants meet the most demanding environmental legislation whilst offering clients sustainable buildings with lower running and maintenance costs.
    2.)Geo-thermal Airconditioning:This uses the fact that the temperature inside the earth remains constant.So,other sources of energy aren’t required for temperature maintenance.
    3.)Double-Panel Windows:Energy efficient windows have two panes of glass instead of one.In addition,in these windows we plan to have air space between these two panes of glass and fill it with argon gas which will dramatically slows down the heat transfer through the glass panes.

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